Closed Joint-Stock Company MITHREL-FLUORO (MF)

The company develops and tests technologies along the following main directions:

  1. Automatic identification of high-brightness (luminescent) barcodes for applications in logistics and search-and-track systems
  2. Anti-counterteiting seven-fold protection of documents and valuables based on a new generation of invisible nanomaterials and readers
  3. Deep optical tomography of pathological (tumour) biological tissue sites, tagged with nano-phosphors

We have established a vibrant national and international collaborative network, including 2D Technology group (USA), Inc. Avesta-project, JSC Amplitude, as well as the Institute of Laser and Information Technologies of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Macquarie University (Australia).

Our team boasts experienced industry specialists and leading scientists, which enables us to meet modern technology challenges leading to the market.

Vladimir Sokovikov, PhD, MSc (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute), CEO

Andrei Zvyagin, PhD, MSc (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute), Research and Development group. Also he is Associate Professor of Macquarie University (Australia)


Marina Smirnova, MSc (Moscow Geology Prospecting Institute), Finance Department